Skylight's Mission


Shedding light on ideas and businesses that are not yet visible. Discover possibilities by shining a light on what is hidden, buried, or out of sight.


Integrate multiple things to create something new. By combining and integrating the thoughts, diverse wisdom, and abilities of many people, create new knowledge and make new things happen.


Organizations and people evolve into something different than before (new stage). Achieve new things through new ways of looking at things, new ways of thinking, and new challenges.

Skylight Consulting Vietnam - ASEAN Business Strategy Pioneer

As visionaries, we pledge to “Create Bright Future Together,” fostering collaboration and excellence. Beyond mere market entry, we ensure you thrive, backed by Transcosmos’ award-winning prowess. Our holistic service blends creative strategy with solid operational acumen, propelling your ideas to their zenith. With us, it’s not just growth but a legacy. Join our mission of progress, unity, and discovery for success and a luminous tomorrow.


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